Related News: Online confessions cause concern

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And that’s a topic to which Greg Price, director of the Alabama Computer Forensics Institute at Troy University, can speak. Price, who has worked with Internet safety for nearly two decades and spoken about it in Covington County on several occasions, said sites like this one always disappoint him.

“For the community and parents, I suggest they follow a deliberate, structured approach to address the issues that poor use of technology can create,” Price said. “On our website,, we provide a number of online resources.”

Among those resources is a framework called ADMIT, which offers simple steps that foster a safe computing environment for everyone, especially children.

“We designed the ADMIT framework as a tool to assist parents, guardians, and others with these challenging events,” he said.

Source: Andalusia Star News

Download ACFI’s ADMIT Framework (PDF)

Related News: Yik Yak Trend Concerns Some University Students

One new article link has been added to our Related News page. WAKA published an article titled Yik Yak Trend Concerns Some University Students.

Troy University students are flooding the free smartphone app Yik Yak. It uses location features to show comments near by. And people can post, like and share comments anonymously.

Students are writing things ranging from what’s being served in the dining halls to hurtful comments calling out students. The majority of the posts use profanity. University police say they are aware of it.

Source: WAKA

ACFI Recognized as a 2012 Honors Laureate Award Recipient by Computerworld

The Alabama Computer Forensics Institute was recognized for its Cyberkids Initiative as a 2012 Honors Laureate Award recipient by Computerworld.

Complete details are available in the Troy University press release:

TROY earns Laureate honors for internet safety program (March 19, 2012, Troy University)