Related News: Yik Yak Trend Concerns Some University Students

One new article link has been added to our Related News page. WAKA published an article titled Yik Yak Trend Concerns Some University Students.

Troy University students are flooding the free smartphone app Yik Yak. It uses location features to show comments near by. And people can post, like and share comments anonymously.

Students are writing things ranging from what’s being served in the dining halls to hurtful comments calling out students. The majority of the posts use profanity. University police say they are aware of it.

Source: WAKA

Related News: On Facebook, a growing teenage wasteland

One new article link has been added to our Related News page. CNN published an article titled On Facebook, a growing teenage wasteland.

Nicole Uvieghara is only 18, but that’s old enough to remember the good old days on Facebook.

“I used to log in to Facebook every day,” said Uvieghara, a Murrieta, California, native and freshman at Arizona State University. “Now, I go, like, once a week. On my news feed, I rarely see posts from my friends and I have not posted things on my wall in the past year.”

Her experience isn’t unusual. Teens are cooling on Facebook, a trend suggested by recent research and acknowledged, this week by Facebook itself. The shift was confirmed time and time again in e-mail and phone interviews with dozens of teens and their parents in CNN’s reporting of this story.

Source: CNN