Related News: Nude-Photo Hackers Are Sad Apple Ruined Their Fun

One new article link has been added to our Related News page. Wired published an article titled Nude-Photo Hackers Are Sad Apple Ruined Their Fun.

Late last week, Anon-IB, the anonymous image board that served as one of the central forums for hackers stealing and sharing nude photos from iCloud, came back online after a prolonged “maintenance” outage. The thousands of archived posts in its “/stol/” section, devoted to discussion of how to crack iCloud and steal unwitting victims’ compromising selfies, have been deleted. Those posts have been replaced with new ones from frustrated hackers lamenting that their sext-stealing hobby isn’t what it used to be.

Source: Wired

Related News: Naked selfies extracted from ‘factory reset’ phones

One new article link has been added to our Related News page. BBC News published an article titled Naked selfies extracted from ‘factory reset’ phones.

Thousands of pictures including “naked selfies” have been extracted from factory-wiped phones by a Czech Republic-based security firm.

The firm, called Avast, used publicly available forensic security tools to extract the images from second-hand phones bought on eBay.

Other data extracted included emails, text messages and Google searches.

Experts have warned that the only way to completely delete data is to “destroy your phone”.

Most smartphones come with a “factory reset” option, which is designed to wipe and reset the device, returning it to its original system state.

However, Avast has discovered that some older smartphones only erase the indexing of the data and not the data itself, which means pictures, emails and text messages can be recovered relatively easily by using standard forensic tools that anyone can buy and download.

Source: BBC News