Related News: Massachusetts Legislature passes ‘upskirting’ ban

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Massachusetts lawmakers Thursday passed a bill banning “upskirting” in response to a ruling by the state’s highest court that said a law aimed at criminalizing voyeurism did not apply to the snapping of secret photos up a woman’s skirt.

The bill now goes to Gov. Deval Patrick, who has publicly committed to signing it, his office said Thursday.

The bill would make photographing or recording video under a person’s clothing illegal, according to a statement from the office of Senate President Therese Murray.

Source: CNN

Related News: Cell phone data latest threat to privacy

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Amid concerns from privacy advocates about the government’s sprawling surveillance programs, the Obama administration earlier this month petitioned the Supreme Court in support of a federal court ruling that allowed police searches of cell phones records without a warrant.

The implications of the petition are huge, given that today’s smart phones are giant repositories of private information and can serve as tracking devices, as well.

Source: Fox News