Related News: Facebook’s new ‘Find Friends Nearby’ feature: Creepy or clever?

One new article link has been added to our Related News page. MSNBC published an article titled Facebook’s new ‘Find Friends Nearby’ feature: Creepy or clever?.

The feature is incredibly convenient if you happen to be chatting with someone in person and want to add him as a Facebook friend. Rather than tapping out his name and wasting minutes scrolling through a list of similarly named individuals, you can just ask your new pal to open up the Find Friends Nearby page and add him with a quick tap.

Opening up the Find My Friends page, while convenient, also exposes you to potential awkward or creepy moments. There is always a chance that someone you are avoiding or not interested in interacting with  will happen to have the same page open — and spot your name. He or she would instantly know that you are nearby and quickly view the public information on your Facebook profile.

Source: MSNBC