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City worker jailed for fake porn posts of colleague
May 1, 2018, BBC News

Student charged after threatening video posted to social media
April 26, 2018, WSFA

Facebook apologizes for child abuse search suggestions
March 16, 2018, CNN Money

The Follower Factory
January 27, 2018, The New York Times


Huntsville man accused of paying $20K to molest teen; victim was smuggled to U.S. from Honduras
October 31, 2017,

Couple says voice from drone tried to lure children away from Ellet playground
October 11, 2017, Akron Beacon Journal

Boy, 13, shoots neighbor after Facebook dispute
October 11, 2017, WSFA

Greenville bus driver arrested over texts to 15-year-old
October 10, 2017, WSFA


Montgomery Police investigating department’s first human trafficking case
May 5, 2015, WSFA

Alabama high school teacher charged with sex with 2 students
May 5, 2015,

Penn State fraternity suspended over alleged nude Facebook pictures
March 18, 2015, CNN

Max Credit Union employee accused of sharing customer info on social media
March 17, 2015, WSFA

Former Jefferson County teacher charged with sex act involving teen student
March 17, 2015,

Twitter makes it easier to report threats to the police
March 17, 2015, Engadget

New Facebook Rules Show How Hard It Is to Police 1.4B Users
March 16, 2015, Wired

Trial underway for former Stanhope teacher accused of having sex with student
March 16, 2015, WSFA

Researcher releases tool that can hijack accounts on sites using Facebook Login
March 10, 2015, PC World

Alabama teacher Ashley Parkins Pruitt indicted on charges of having sexual activity, sexting with students
March 10, 2015,

Bill would make cyber-bullying criminal act in AL
March 9, 2015, WSFA

Official: Teacher secretly taped kindergartners in bathroom
March 7, 2015, WSFA

Probation revocation sought for child porn suspect
March 4, 2015, Dothan Eagle

Brazil arrests US sect leader wanted on sex charges
March 2, 2015, WSFA

Tuscaloosa Police arrest 3 Georgia women at massage parlor after finding ads for prostitution online
February 25, 2015,

Battery power alone can be used to track Android phones
February 23, 2015, BBC News

Facebook’s privacy policy breaks the law in Europe
February 23, 2015, BetaNews

Cullman County coach charged with rape after having sex with juvenile, sheriff says
February 21, 2015,

The dangers of sexting: decoding your teens’ texts
February 21, 2015, WSFA

Assistant principal accused of videotaping 14-year-old naked in shower
February 19, 2015,

AT&T charges $29 more for gigabit fiber that doesn’t watch your Web browsing
February 16, 2015, Ars Technica

Deputies arrest man accused of exposing himself to middle-schoolers in Tuscaloosa County in November
February 10, 2015,

Fourth Opp woman charged with child sex crime
February 10, 2015, WSFA

Teen killed classmate and uploaded ‘selfie’ with the body to Snapchat, police say
February 8, 2015, MSN

Samsung’s warning: Our Smart TVs record your living room chatter
February 8, 2015, CNET

Blount County teacher indicted for kissing, spending the night with student
February 6, 2015,

Selma football coach accused of having sexual relationship with student
February 5, 2015,

Two men plead guilty to child solicitation
February 5, 2015, Dothan Eagle

City fire captain accused of installing spy gear to produce child porn
February 5, 2015, Ars Technica

Death threat hacker who fooled police is jailed
February 4, 2015, BBC News

Facebook porn: Malware warning over video
February 3, 2015, BBC News

Opp woman arrested on child sex crimes charges
February 2, 2015, WSFA

The Problem With Teens and Instagram
January 30, 2015, Yahoo! Parenting

2nd woman charged with sodomy, rape
January 28, 2015, Andalusia Star News

Woman arrested for sodomy, rape
January 27, 2015, Andalusia Star News

Cop who stole nude pics off arrested women’s phones gets no jail time
January 27, 2015, Ars Technica

Verizon’s Mobile ‘Supercookies’ Seen as Threat to Privacy
January 25, 2015, MSN

ESPN Recruiting Analyst Accidentally Tweets PornHub Video
January 21, 2015, Fox Sports Sends Personal Data to Dozens of Tracking Websites
January 21, 2015, Gizmodo

Affidavit: Teen fatally stabbed victim, 17, over Snapchat message
January 18, 2015, WSFA

Tuscaloosa police arrest former Bryant HS teacher for sex with a student
January 9, 2015, WSFA

One coach’s nightmare—sending his wank video to female players
January 7, 2015, Ars Technica

Surprise! With $60 Million Genentech Deal, 23andMe Has A Business Plan
January 6, 2015, Forbes

Former US cybersecurity official gets 25 years for child porn charges
January 5, 2015, Ars Technica


Security intern uncovers major vulnerability in Yik Yak messaging app
December 9, 2014, The Verge

Mark Zuckerberg: Tim Cook’s claim that ads turn people into products is ‘ridiculous’
December 5, 2014, The Verge

Houston County deputies charge man with molesting two girls
December 5, 2014, Dothan Eagle

Sexual Harassment Victim’s Secret Weapon — ‘Telling Their Mothers’
December 2, 2014, Huffington Post

Feds warn current, former military personnel about social media accounts
December 2, 2014, WSFA

Facebook threats case heard at Supreme Court
December 1, 2014, CNN

Police: Sarasota High student led prostitution ring
November 24, 2014, Herald-Tribune

12-year-old’s online life brings an abductor to her doorstep
November 20, 2014, Ars Technica

South Alabama man sentenced in child rape, shooting
November 18, 2014, WSFA

Oops! When social media goes wrong
November 14, 2014, CNN

Webb man gets life sentence in sex assault case
November 14, 2014, Dothan Eagle

Daleville man charged with promoting prostitution of 12-year-old
November 13, 2014, WSFA

Chilton County couple indicted on 77 counts related to sexual abuse of a student under 19
November 12, 2014, WSFA

Suspect arrested after photos of slain woman posted online
November 6, 2014, CNN

Semmes man charged with having sex with 2 Baldwin County minor girls he met on Facebook
November 5, 2014,

Man arrested for sex abuse
November 3, 2014, Andalusia Star News

Man who owns a smart TV says he’s ‘afraid’ of using it after reading its privacy policy
October 31, 2014, Yahoo! News

Facebook challenge to police ends with suspect “Cornbread” getting burned
October 30, 2014, WSFA

Hueytown man arrested on 16 counts of sex crimes involving young boys
October 27, 2014,

CHP officers reportedly stole cell phone photos from women in custody
October 25, 2014, Ars Technica

Dear nature vandal: The Web wants you
October 24, 2014, CNN

Felony exam set for janitor accused of producing child porn
October 22, 2014, WSFA

1,500+ years for couple who produced child pornography
October 22, 2014, WSFA

Hartford PD: Sexual predator operation a success
October 21, 2014, WSFA

Anti-sexting campaign coming to Tuscaloosa County Schools
October 20, 2014, WSFA

Paedophiles who download images ‘won’t all be charged’
October 20, 2014, BBC News

Facebook is actively trawling the dark web for stolen passwords
October 17, 2014, The Verge

Facebook creates ‘Safety Check’ tool for disasters
October 16, 2014, WSFA

Teen ‘like’ and ‘FOMO’ anxiety
October 16, 2014, CNN

Google: We’ll make you smarter … if you share your data
October 16, 2014, CNN

Child sex abuse victim testifies: ‘I thought it was normal’
October 15, 2014,

Parents face defamation trial over fake Facebook page their kid made
October 15, 2014, Ars Technica

Dropbox bug wipes some users’ files from the cloud
October 13, 2014, Engadget

Nude ‘Snapchat images’ put online by hackers
October 10, 2014, BBC News

Former Midland City Police Officer Sentenced in Child Sex Abuse Case
October 9, 2014, WTVY

Woman sues US government over fake Facebook page
October 8, 2014, BBC News

When tweeting from the beat goes bad
October 6, 2014,

Artist convinces people to sell their private data for a cookie
October 3, 2014, Engadget

Exclusive: Facebook plots first steps into healthcare
October 3, 2014, Reuters

Celebs whose nude photos were stolen threaten Google with $100M lawsuit
October 3, 2014, Ars Technica

Facebook Wants To Be Your Source For Healthcare Info
October 3, 2014, Consumerist

Teachers accused of group sex with student post bond
October 3, 2014, WSFA

Apps deleted from Dothan school iPads have been restored
October 2, 2014, Dothan Eagle

ComputerCOP: the dubious “Internet Safety Software” given to US families
October 1, 2014, Ars Technica

California limits schools’ social media monitoring
October 1, 2014, Engadget

Third batch of naked celeb photos leaked
September 28, 2014, BBC News

Nude-Photo Hackers Are Sad Apple Ruined Their Fun
September 24, 2014, Wired

Apple will no longer unlock most iPhones, iPads for police, even with search warrants
September 18, 2014, Washington Post

Drivers warned over smartwatch use in cars
September 17, 2014, BBC

Facebook — for rich people (for just $9,000)
September 16, 2014, CNN

LinkedIn Feature Exposes Email Addresses
September 15, 2014, Krebs on Security

Two guilty over dating site scam
September 8, 2014, BBC

Teens take note, woman charged with homicide after Facebook while driving
September 7, 2014,

Teachers texting students through a safe app
September 5, 2014, WSFA

CAUGHT ON VIDEO: Teen with autism victimized in disgusting ALS ice challenge prank
September 4, 2014, WSFA

Facebook’s autoplay video feature is destroying cell phone bills
September 3, 2014, CNN

Naked celeb hack lesson: ‘Delete’ doesn’t mean delete
September 2, 2014, CNN

Update: What Jennifer Lawrence can teach you about cloud security
September 1, 2014, Ars Technica

Former acting HHS cyber director convicted on child porn charges
August 27, 2014, SC Magazine

Mistrial declared in child pornography trial
August 27, 2014, Dothan Eagle

Selfie linked to stolen iPhone a case of whodunit
August 22, 2014, Ars Technica

Why Facebook is stockpiling Blu-ray discs
August 21, 2014, CNN

Director arrested in case of bizarre band room bondage
August 21, 2014, WSFA

Lone female fugitive on US Marshals Most-Wanted list captured
August 14, 2014, CNN

Facebook to Track Users Across Devices to Study Shopping Habits
August 13, 2014, Bloomberg

Hartford police make child enticement arrest
August 11, 2014, Dothan Eagle

Chatroom rape fantasies woman jailed for six years
August 8, 2014, BBC

Man charged with sexual torture of two girls
August 7, 2014, Dothan Eagle

Anonymous email app launches with ‘creepy’ stunt
August 5, 2014, CNN

Gmail spots child porn, resulting in arrest
August 4, 2014, Ars Technica

Facebook Data Privacy Class Action Joined By 11,000 And Counting
August 4, 2014, TechCrunch

Wearable users tracked with Raspberry Pi
August 1, 2014, BBC News

12-Year-Old Girl Suffers Severe Burns Taking Part In ‘Fire Challenge’ After Seeing Videos On Facebook
August 1, 2014, CBS St. Louis

Man accused of sexually abusing child with special needs
August 1, 2014, WSFA

Judge Orders Microsoft to Turn Over Customer Data Stored Abroad
July 31, 2014, Re/code

Is there a Rihanna sex tape? No, it’s a malware scam on Facebook
July 31, 2014, The Guardian

Woman files $123M suit against Facebook over photoshopped nude photos
July 30, 2014, Ars Technica

Why one New Jersey school district killed its student laptop program
July 29, 2014, Ars Technica

Tip during CNN’s ‘The Hunt’ led police to suspect killed in shootout
July 29, 2014, CNN

The App I Used to Break Into My Neighbor’s Home
July 25, 2014, Wired

Neighbors use smartphone app to fight crime
July 25, 2014, WSFA

Facebook Beats In Q2 With $2.91 Billion In Revenue, 62% Of Ad Revenue From Mobile, 1.32B Users
July 24, 2014, TechCrunch

Child enticing suspect now faces burglary charge
July 24, 2014, Dothan Eagle

Child enticement suspect called dangerous
July 24, 2014, Dothan Eagle

Social media post delays former Thorsby teacher’s sentencing
July 24, 2014, WSFA

Oklahoma teen accused of child sex assaults while volunteering in Kenya
July 23, 2014, CNN

Apple Downplays Reports Of Back Doors To iPhones; Security Expert Says Company Is Being Misleading
July 23, 2014, Consumerist

Craigslist contact leads to two killings, suspect’s suicide, cops say
July 23, 2014, CNN

Man indicted for sex abuse
July 22, 2014, Andalusia Star News

Woman arrested after posting selfie of shoplifted dress
July 22, 2014, Ars Technica

Camera in girl’s bedroom leads to Dothan man’s arrest
July 22, 2014, WSFA

Undocumented iOS functions allow monitoring of personal data, expert says
July 21, 2014, Ars Technica

Headland man charged with enticing a child
July 21, 2014, WSFA

Officer who had sex with student sentenced to prison
July 21, 2014, Dothan Eagle

A look at the Cyberkids protection initiative that will help keep children safe from online danger (Video)
July 21, 2014, WSFA

Facebook scammers prey on Aussie MH17 victims by setting up fake tribute pages in their names to drive traffic to dodgy pop-up ad site
July 20, 2014, Mail Online

Phenix City man accused of abusing girlfriend’s 2-year-old son
July 19, 2014, WSFA

Auburn associate pastor charged with sexual abuse
July 18, 2014, WSFA

Dothan man accused of sexual misconduct involving a minor
July 18, 2014, WSFA

Former BPD officer fired for sexting on the job fights termination
July 18, 2014, WSFA

Report: Dad beat teen unconscious after witnessing child sex assault
July 18, 2014, WSFA

Online child abuse reports surge, says US watchdog
July 17, 2014, BBC News

Snowden: NSA employees routinely pass around intercepted nude photos
July 17, 2014, Ars Technica

Substitute’s relationship with teen discovered by mom on Facebook
July 17, 2014, WSFA

21 Year Fugitive Pleads Guilty For Failing To Appear for 1993 Court Appearance
July 17, 2014, U.S.D.O.J.

Chilton Co. couple charged with having sexual contact with student
July 17, 2014, WSFA

Google+ kills off “real names” policy
July 15, 2014, Ars Technica

Theme park employees caught in sex stings, child porn arrests
July 15, 2014, CNN

Google Street View Images Catch Robbery Suspects In The Act 3 Years Later
July 15, 2014, CBS Houston

Stalker in the Attic: The Cyberbully Who Spies on 12-Year-Old Girls in Their Home
July 14, 2014, Mashable

Army soldier charged with child solicitation
July 14, 2014, Dothan Eagle

Naked selfies extracted from ‘factory reset’ phones
July 11, 2014, BBC News

Woman who solicited sex from teen gets probation
July 10, 2014, Dothan Eagle

The App That Lets You Spy on Yourself and Sell Your Own Data
July 9, 2014, Wired

Photographer warns of fake photo shoot targeting teen girls
July 9, 2014, WSFA

DARPA funded studies to see how you use social networks
July 9, 2014, Engadget

“Uncle Sam” Busted For Obama Threats
July 8, 2014, The Smoking Gun

How Google Map Hackers Can Destroy a Business at Will
July 7, 2014, Wired

3 now charged in connection to Selma child rape case
July 7, 2014, WSFA

Skipperville man wanted for rape
July 6, 2014, Dothan Eagle

The Story Of Slenderman, The Internet’s Own Monster
June 30, 2014, TechCrunch

California Authorities Arrest 275 Child Predators
June 30, 2014, DFI News

Facebook And The Ethics Of User Manipulation
June 29, 2014, TechCrunch

Supreme Court: Warrant needed for phone search
June 27, 2014, Andalusia Star News

Burglar logs in to Facebook in victim’s house, forgets to sign off
June 26, 2014, Ars Technica

Sex offender charged with living too close to daycare
June 26, 2014, Dothan Eagle

Sex offender sentenced to life in prison
June 26, 2014, Troy Messenger

Source: Facebook Is Building FB@Work
June 25, 2014, TechCrunch

Man gets three years for sodomizing teenager
June 25, 2014, Dothan Eagle

Delaware subpoenaed reddit in order to reveal details of public sex act
June 24, 2014, Ars Technica

Teen prostitute rescued, 3 pimps arrested in Alabama as part of FBI nationwide sex-trafficking sweep
June 23, 2014,

Eiland receives split sentence in child porn case
June 19, 2014, Andalusia Star News

Human trafficker sentenced to 50 years
June 18, 2014, Dothan Eagle

Carl Philip Herold’s lawyer wants out of Huntsville child sex abuse case
June 17, 2014,

Sex crime suspect to remain out on bond
June 16, 2014, Dothan Eagle

Stalker: A creepy look at you, online
June 13, 2014, CNN

Jackson county deputies make arrests in 2 separate investigations involving sex crimes against minors
June 13, 2014,

Father held in slaying of man who sexually abused his daughter seeks quick trial
June 13, 2014,

Man accused of raping a child in New York apprehended Thursday in Clayton
June 13, 2014,

Daleville woman convicted of child solicitation
June 12, 2014, Dothan Eagle

Jury to begin deliberating fate of former Country Day School teacher charged with sodomy
June 12, 2014,

New Market man found guilty of sexual abuse, sodomy against 5-year-old girl
June 11, 2014,

Jurors’ Facebook posts could threaten murder verdict
June 10, 2014, USA Today

Woman makes up boy on Facebook to talk to her niece, who asks fictional boy to kill her aunt, uncle, cousin and dog
June 10, 2014,

12-year-old Wisconsin girl stabbed 19 times; friends arrested
June 3, 2014, CNN

Former Oak Mountain Middle teacher gets prison for sex act with student
June 3, 2014,

Dale Co. man charged with transmitting obscene material to a child
June 3, 2014, WSFA

State Supreme Court reinstates Mobile man’s child rape conviction, life prison sentence
May 30, 2014,

Convicted child abuser gets maximum sentence
May 30, 2014, Troy Messenger

Huntsville man, Decatur mother and daughter among 4 charged in Internet prostitution detail
May 29, 2014,

12 NEWS DEFENDERS: Experts warn digital abuse growing
May 26, 2014, WSFA

Disturbing allegations released in sexual abuse case against suspended Guntersville High soccer coach
May 22, 2014,

Virginia high school students allegedly took nude pictures of female classmates, shared them online: officials
May 22, 2014, NY Daily News

Man jailed in Bessemer for attempted abduction of 13-year-old girl
May 22, 2014,

eBay buries its own advisory to change passwords following database hack
May 21, 2014, Ars Technica

Man faces charges for soliciting, obscene material
May 20, 2014, Andalusia Star News

Convicted sex offender caught with his pants down outside Pinson grocery store
May 15, 2014,

31-year-old sophomore at E. Texas high school arrested
May 14, 2014, WSFA

Lawsuit alleges unauthorized publication of personal genetics data
May 14, 2014, Ars Technica

Headland man charged with child solicitation
May 14, 2014, Dothan Eagle

Covington Co. woman arrested on child porn charges
May 14, 2014, WSFA

Prosecution: Suspect brought teen girl to Dothan for prostitution services
May 14, 2014, Dothan Eagle

Europe’s top court supports ‘right to be forgotten’ in Google privacy case
May 13, 2014, CNN

Twitter to roll out ‘mute’ feature
May 13, 2014, CNN

WSFA 12 special report: Student-teacher relationships
May 12, 2014, WSFA

Sex offenders charged
May 12, 2014, Troy Messenger

Guntersville High School girls soccer coach charged with child sexual abuse, human trafficking
May 9, 2014,

Poachers Can Use Your Geotagged Safari Photos To Hunt Down Rhinos
May 7, 2014, Gizmodo

Health care executive charged with soliciting child in Geneva Co.
May 6, 2014, WSFA

Facebook, Google users threatened by new security flaw
May 5, 2014, Fox News

Florence woman indicted on more than 100 federal charges of producing child pornography; husband indicted on 51 counts
May 4, 2014,

Child porn suspect wants evidence withheld
May 1, 2014, Dothan Eagle

Facebook unveils anonymous login
April 30, 2014, CNN

After Fan With A Disability Was Bullied By Shaq, He Reminded Us All To ‘Hug, Don’t Judge’
April 29, 2014, WSFA

Man Hacks Monitor, Screams at Baby Girl
April 28, 2014, NBC News

Blount Co. DA contacts Instagram over offensive posts
April 24, 2014, WSFA

Online child porn victims lose at Supreme Court
April 23, 2014, Ars Technica

New indictments in Elmore Co. child sex abuse case
April 23, 2014, WSFA

Alabama through outside eyes: The teacher-student sex capital of the USA
April 23, 2014,

Central Florida teen charged with attempted murder in stabbing over Facebook post
April 22, 2014, Click Orlando

Facebook launches friend-tracking feature
April 18, 2014, CNN

Jurors find former Mobile County commissioner guilty of enticing a child for sex
April 17, 2014,

Sexual abuse cases against Huntsville man — whose twin brother is in Colorado prison on similar charges — headed to grand jury
April 16, 2014,

Substitute teacher pleads not guilty to sex with 3 young Mobile teens
April 15, 2014,

$100,000 bail amount set for man accused of sexually assaulting school girl near LeFlore High School
April 14, 2014,

Pell City cheerleader forgives father for secretly filming her, and uses her faith to help others
April 13, 2014,

ACA president responds after substitute charged with sex crimes
April 11, 2014, WSFA

Fmr. Selma teacher pleads guilty to sexual relations with students
April 4, 2014, WSFA

Another inmate caught posting to Facebook, prison officials respond
April 4, 2014, WSFA

Teens have sex at school, post video on social media
March 27, 2014, WSFA

How to Save Snapchat Pictures Without the Sender Knowing (Shhhh)
March 27, 2014, Yahoo! Tech

Microsoft defends its right to read your email
March 21, 2014 CNN Money

Cyber-bullying subject of skits
March 21, 2014, Troy Messenger

FACE’BOOKED’ – CrimeStoppers suspect surrenders for unique reason
March 17, 2014, WSFA

Don’t fall for this Google Drive phishing scam
March 17, 2014, Fox News

Authorities: Facebook post sparks confrontation, shots fired in Lee Co.
March 13, 2014, WSFA

Dothan man arrested in child solicitation investigation
March 13, 2014, WSFA

1 arrested, 2 sought in sexual assault of Barbour Co. child
March 13, 2014, WSFA

Police: Teenage girls use knife to force autistic boy to perform sex acts
March 13, 2014, CNN

NSA pretended to be Facebook to infect millions of computers
March 12, 2014, Fox News

Former Leeds teacher arrested for sexting junior high student
March 12, 2014,

Utah trucker accused of keeping sex slaves
March 12, 2014, WSFA

Man arrested in connection with sex tourism business
March 8, 2014, WSFA

Johns Hopkins University web server breached; up to 1,300 affected
March 7, 2014, SC Magazine

Gadsden man arrested on child pornography charges
March 7, 2014,

Massachusetts Legislature passes ‘upskirting’ ban
March 7, 2014, CNN

Facebook’s shot at WhatsApp data gets both companies an FTC complaint
March 6, 2014, Ars Technica

Online confessions cause concern
March 6, 2014, Andalusia Star News

Former Shelby County assistant principal arrested in Georgia for trying to have sex with child, lawmen say
March 5, 2014,

Missing Wetumpka girl found safe; TX man faces multiple sex charges
March 5, 2014, WSFA

Yik Yak Trend Concerns Some University Students
March 4, 2014,

Student-teacher sex: Are more female teachers being charged?
March 4, 2014,

Girl costs father $80,000 with ‘SUCK IT’ Facebook post
March 4, 2014,

Blount County teacher pleads guilty to sexting 15-year-old student
March 3, 2014,

Former Army officer from Huntsville sentenced to 20 years to life for sex crimes against children in Colorado (updated)
February 28, 2014,

Report: Former teacher gets 15 year sentence for sex with students
February 28, 2014,

Prosecutor: Charges against Thorsby teacher include allegations of sex with teen boy on school property
February 26, 2014,

Man gets 99 years for rape of 10-year-old girl
February 12, 2014, Dothan Eagle

Ozark murder involved fake “weed , ” $10 debt
February 11, 2014, Dothan Eagle

Former music and youth minister in Sheffield charged with sex abuse of a youth
February 7, 2014,

UAB suspends high school tours of anatomy lab after student’s ‘selfie’ with cadaver
February 6, 2014,

Muscle Shoals children’s minister charged with child sex abuse once worked at juvenile detention center
February 5, 2014,

Police arrest man accused of secretly video recording woman in public restroom
February 5, 2014, WSFA

Is Twitter making you STUPID? Social networking sites are making it hard for people to think for themselves
February 4, 2014, MailOnline

California educator accused on YouTube of sexual abuse charged with 16 felonies
February 4, 2014, CNN

Senate aide who killed himself left final message
January 28, 2014, CNN

Parents fight cyberbullying with lawsuit
January 27, 2014, TODAY

If You Used This Secure Webmail Site, the FBI Has Your Inbox
January 27, 2014, Wired

Some CNN social media accounts hacked
January 24, 2014, CNN

Feds arrest “most hated man on the Internet” in revenge porn hacking case
January 23, 2014, Ars Technica

Investigation busts online sex abuse ring targeting children in Philippines
January 16, 2014, CNN

If You Make a Death Threat With Emojis, It’s Still Illegal
January 16, 2014, Time NewsFeed

Man sentenced in Dallas Co. puppy hanging case
January 13, 2014,

In video apology, former teacher ‘at peace’ after conviction on sex-abuse charge
January 13, 2014,

Canadian teen convicted of ‘sexting’ photos of boyfriend’s ex
January 10, 2014, CNN

Facial recognition app matches strangers to online profiles
January 7, 2014, CNET

Colorado teacher asked students to send topless photos, police say
January 3, 2014, Fox News

Facebook sued for allegedly making private messages into public “Likes”
January 2, 2014, Ars Technica

4.6 Million Snapchat User Names and Phone Numbers Leaked (Check Yours)
January 1, 2014, Gizmodo


Sylacauga Police arrest school employee for rape, sex crime with student
December 30, 2013,

Young users see Facebook as ‘dead and buried’
December 27, 2013, The Telegraph

$6 million bond set for Hoover man charged with multiple sex crimes against a child
December 19, 2013,

Burglar finds child sex abuse on tapes he took, so he points out suspect, police say
December 19, 2013, CNN

Andy man gets 16-year prison stint for child sex crimes
December 17, 2013, Andalusia Star News

17 years after arrest, man guilty of sex abuse in Baldwin County
December 14, 2013,

NASA employee, 49, charged with having sex with 14-year-old boy in Limestone County
December 13, 2013,

Pelham High School assistant principal arrested on charges she had sex with teen student (Update)
December 12, 2013,

Huntsville Boy Scout volunteer arrested on international child porn charges
December 6, 2013, WSFA

Jury convicts Opelika man of sexual abuse
December 4, 2013, Opelika-Auburn News

Ex-Mobile County commissioner Jockisch pleads not guilty to child sex charges
December 2, 2013,

Former Spain Park teacher pleads guilty to having sex with student; placed on probation
December 2, 2013,

Felony Examination Set for Man Accused of Numerous Child Pornography Charges
December 2, 2013, WHNT

Sex with dog, 9-year-old boy among 15 charges against Mulga man
November 27, 2013,

Fulfilling That ‘Banker Bro’ Stereotype In Job-Hunting E-mails Is A Bad Idea
November 26, 2013, Consumerist

10 caught in sex sting
November 21, 2013, Dothan Eagle

LG smart TV snooping extends to home networks, second blogger says
November 21, 2013, Ars Technica

Florida ‘bullying death’ charges dropped
November 21, 2013, BBC News

Be There: Protecting students from cyberbullying
November 20, 2013, WTVM

Russell County Middle School talks cyber bullying
November 20, 2013, WRBL

Dothan police, FBI searching for sexual predator who kidnaps children
November 18, 2013, WSFA

#Bloodycyclists Twitter post driver Emma Way guilty
November 19, 2013, BBC News

Elmore Co. DA forced to drop 100 counts against alleged child predator
November 19, 2013, WSFA

Google to remove Maps image of slain teen
November 19, 2013, CNN

Google blocks child porn in 100,000 searches, plans filter for YouTube
November 18, 2013, Ars Technica

MPD officer caught on video drag racing gets his job back
November 14, 2013, WSFA

Canada says 386 kids rescued in child porn bust
November 14, 2013, MSN News

FBI releases images of suspected child predator
November 12, 2013, WSFA

Mean moms bash ‘ugly’ toddlers in secret Facebook group
November 6, 2013, WPBF

On Facebook, a growing teenage wasteland
November 4, 2013, CNN

Nintendo shuts down SpotPass features for Swapnote on 3DS
October 31, 2013, Joystiq

Dothan judge hears arguments in case of officer disciplined for Facebook posts
October 29, 2013, Dothan Eagle

Man to face trial on child sex abuse charges
October 28, 2013, Troy Messenger

Andrew Bartels’ child sex abuse trial date pushed back
October 31, 2013, WSFA

Sheriff: Man charged in missing Harris County girl’s disappearance
October 27, 2013, WSFA

October 24, 2013, Troy Messenger

University of Iowa TA reportedly emailed nude photos to students
October 23, 2013, The Des Moines Register

Guilty plea entered by man who tried to entice Huntsville police officer’s children, led police on high-speed chase before fiery crash (updated)
October 21, 2013,

Experian Sold Consumer Data to ID Theft Service
October 20, 2013, Krebs on Security

St. Paul man finds home invasion suspects in YouTube rap video
October 18, 2013, KMSP-TV

Montgomery teen’s many online party photos lead to drug and gun charges, police say
October 17, 2013, The Washington Post

Facebook changes privacy settings for teens
October 17, 2013, CNN

Parents, beware of bullying on sites you’ve never seen
October 16, 2013, CNN

Sheriff: Taunting post leads to arrests in Rebecca Sedwick bullying death
October 16, 2013, CNN

Ala. lawmaker lobs bill to castrate sex offenders
October 14, 2013, WSFA

Experian Sold Consumer Data to ID Theft Service
October 13, 2013, KrebsOnSecurity

Google Sets Plan to Sell Users’ Endorsements
October 11, 2013, The New York Times

Stanford researchers discover ‘alarming’ method for phone tracking, fingerprinting through sensor flaws
October 10, 2013, SFGate

Facebook removes a privacy setting you might have been using
October 10, 2013, NBC News

Saraland man accused of sexually abusing child, making child pornography
October 9, 2013,

4 dead in triple-murder suicide pact linked to child porn probe, police say
October 9, 2013, CNN

Are we too quick to cry ‘bully’?
October 8, 2013, CNN

Eufaula man charged with having sex with minor
October 8, 2013, WSFA

Calif. Gov. Brown signs anti-revenge porn bill
October 2, 2013, MSN

80-year-old man gets 10 years for child molestation
October 2, 2013, Dothan Eagle

Arrest made in Miss Teen USA ‘Sextortion photos’ case
September 27, 2013, WTVR

Lawsuit alleging Gmail ads are “wiretapping” gets judge’s OK
September 26, 2013, Ars Technica

School officials resign after allegedly sending racist, sexist texts
September 25, 2013, CNN

Dothan school resource officer arrested for sexual relations with student
September 24, 2013, WSFA

Missing Huntsville teen rescued in human trafficking case
September 24, 2013, WSFA

Dothan man gets 10 years for sending nude photo to girl
September 20, 2013, Dothan Eagle

Tallassee police charge man with enticement of a child
September 20, 2013, WSFA

California school district hires firm to monitor students’ social media
September 18, 2013, CNN

Facebook apologizes for dating ad with photo of Canada teen who died after bullying
September 18, 2013, Fox News

Pew survey: 21 percent of US cellphone owners get online mostly through their phones
September 16, 2013, Engadget

Man pleads guilty to sex charges
September 14, 2013, Andalusia Star News

Massachusetts man plotted to kill and eat children, feds say
September 13, 2013, CNN

ICE Released 2,837 Convicted Alien Sex Offenders to Comply With Supreme Court Ruling
September 13, 2013, CNS News

Pictures of homemade torture chamber of British paedophile emerge
September 12, 2013, The Telegraph

Google knows nearly every Wi-Fi password in the world
September 12, 2013, Computerworld

Headland man faces nearly four dozen sex charges on 14-year-old girl
September 11, 2013, Dothan Eagle

Jack man on trial for sex charges
September 10, 2013, Dothan Eagle

Man charged with sex trafficking high school girls
September 9, 2013, WSFA

Investigators ask for help identifying possible sexters
September 9, 2013, WSFA

Drunken driving video confession: ‘I killed a man’
September 7, 2013, CNN

Mont. court blocks judge on new sentence for teen rape
September 6, 2013, USA Today

Enterprise man gets over six years for child pornography
September 3, 2013, Dothan Eagle

Headland man to plead guilty in child porn case
August 31, 2013, Dothan Eagle

Military official found guilty of sex crime in Ozark
August 30, 2013, WSFA

APD turns to social media to find burglar
August 29, 2013, Andalusia Star News

Ex-PTA president accused of making child porn at Washington elementary school
August 29, 2013, CNN

Unannounced use of license photos in criminal probes puts Ohio AG under fire
August 27, 2013, CNN

Facebook rolls out shared photo albums
August 26, 2013, CNN

Troy man arrested for sex crimes against children
August 23, 2013, Troy Messenger

Cell phone data latest threat to privacy
August 22, 2013, Fox News

Man arrested for enticing a child in Madison
August 22, 2013, WSFA

FIU’s Pi Kappa Alpha Frat Suspended Over Facebook Posts About Drug Dealing, Hazing, and Creep Shots
August 21, 2013, Miami New Times

Zuckerberg’s Facebook page hacked to prove security flaw
August 20, 2013, CNN

Woman accused of showing porn to teach minor about sex
August 20, 2013, Dothan Eagle

Thorsby 6th grade teacher arrested on rape charges
August 19, 2013, WSFA

Prattville, Montgomery police see increase in ‘sexting’ among teenagers
August 19, 2013, Montgomery Advertiser

Reports: Teen Daniel Perry commits suicide over Skype blackmail scam
August 16, 2013, CNN

Study: Using Facebook can make you sad
August 15, 2013, CNN

Man tweets for weed; job goes up in smoke
August 15, 2013, CNN

Does Facebook have your payment details? It wants you to go buy stuff
August 15, 2013, Ars Technica

Arrest shines light on human trafficking
August 14, 2013, Dothan Eagle

GOOGLE: If You Send To Gmail, You Have ‘No Legitimate Expectation Of Privacy’
August 13, 2013, SFGate

Medics: Man convicted of child sex abuse swallowed cyanide in court
August 13, 2013, WSFA

Hackers watch child over camera monitor (Video)
August 13, 2013, CNN

Former University of Alabama and NFL linebacker Saleem Rasheed begins serving time on plea to teacher sex charges
August 12, 2013,

Tuscaloosa police close nude photo case against Geek Squad as time for charges runs out
August 12, 2013,

2 face charges in case of Canadian girl who hanged self after alleged rape
August 11, 2013, CNN

Lawsuit: Nude photos of University of Alabama student posted by Geek Squad
August 9, 2013,

Man charged with human trafficking after kidnapped girl escapes from Dothan hotel room
August 9, 2013, WSFA

Alleged Tor hidden service operator busted for child porn distribution
August 4, 2013, Ars Technica

Child rape suspect extradited from FL back to Selma
July 31, 2013, WSFA

Jurors jailed for contempt of court over internet use
July 29, 2013, BBC

3 AL teens recovered in nation-wide sex traffic sting
July 29, 2013, WSFA

Dothan pair faces child porn charges
July 19, 2013, Dothan Eagle

Police arrest Huntsville man accused of raping infant
July 18, 2013, WSFA

Sweep snares 255 suspected child predators, rescues 61 children, officials say
July 16, 2013, NBC News

‘New Day’ Exclusive: Teen Jailed for Facebook Comment Speaks
July 12, 2013, CNN

Selma man charged with sex crimes against 12-year-old girl
July 10, 2013, WSFA

Girl, 15, Faces Child Porn Rap For iPhone Pic
July 2, 2013, The Smoking Gun

Teen faces prison time after Facebook comment
June 28, 2013, MSN

More details emerge in child sexual abuse case against Madison music studio director
June 25, 2013,

Anger mounts after Facebook’s ‘shadow profiles’ leak in bug
June 23, 2013, ZDNet

Where Teens Go Instead of Facebook (and Why You Should Too)
June 19, 2013, Yahoo! News

Cheerleader accused of prostituting younger student
June 5, 2013, NBC News

Alabama state senator’s wife demands possibly fake women stop soliciting her husband on Facebook
June 4, 2013,

N.Y. police probe possible cyberbullying after girl found hanged
May 24, 2013, CNN

Perverted Prank: Photo of Naked Sixth-Grader Passed Around At School
May 23, 2013, CBS Sacramento

Posts on cop killing at center of officer discipline
May 23, 2013, Dothan Eagle

2013 Pew Internet Report: Teens, Social Media, and Privacy
May 21, 2013, Pew Internet

Montgomery serial rapist pleads guilty to 12 counts
May 14, 2013, WSFA

When oversharing online can get you arrested
April 24, 2013, CNN

Fugitive on ‘Most Wanted’ list returned to U.S.
April 24, 2013, CNN

Gantt man: Age ain’t a problem
April 20, 2013, Andalusia Star News

Three Virginia teens face child porn charges in “sexting” trial
April 18, 2013, Ars Technica

What your zip code reveals about you
April 18, 2013, CNN Money

Enterprise church youth leader faces rape charge
March 21, 2013, Dothan Eagle

Celebrity credit reports posted by ID thieves taken from free website
March 12, 2013, Ars Technica

When teachers are the bully’s target
March 11, 2013, CNN

Meet the men who spy on women through their webcams
March 10, 2013, Ars Technica

Letters by strangers from around the world save suicidal boy, 13, after troubled child announced on internet he wanted to kill himself on his birthday
March 10, 2013, MailOnline

When bullying goes high-tech
February 28, 2013, CNN

Pimps hit social networks to recruit underage sex workers
February 27, 2013, CNN Money

Cops: Villanova student secretly filmed women undressing, posted to porn site
February 22, 2013, NBC News

FBI battling ‘rash of sexting’ among its employees
February 22, 2013, CNN

Juvenile advocate guilty in child sex assault
February 22, 2013, WSFA

Sexy scammers entice men into stripping on webcam, then blackmail them
February 18, 2013, Ars Technica

Man gets 12 years for molesting 8-year-old girl
February 12, 2013, Dothan Eagle

Former TV station owner sentenced to 1,000 years in prison
February 12, 2013, WSFA

‘Google for spies’ draws ire from rights groups
February 11, 2013, The Sydney Morning Herald

Does Twitter’s Vine have a porn problem?
January 28, 2013, CNN

Man jailed for enticing child
January 25, 2013, Andalusia Star News

Enterprise man faces federal child porn charges
January 17, 2013, Dothan Eagle

Columbia man found guilty of molesting girl
January 17, 2013, Dothan Eagle

Florida teachers among 50 charged in online child-sex sting
January 14, 2013, Fox News

New video law lets you share your Netflix viewing on Facebook
January 10, 2013, CNN Money

Police: 2 men charged with rape of teen they met online
January 9, 2013, WSFA

Dumbest Facebook Post Ever?
January 4, 2013, Shine from Yahoo!

245 arrested in U.S.-led child sex abuse operation
January 4, 2013, CNN

Defense battles social media blizzard in Ohio rape case
January 4, 2013, CNN


Zuckerberg family pic stirs Facebook privacy debate
December 27, 2012, CBS News

Experiment: a month without Facebook
December 26, 2012, Fox News

Hartford man faces child porn charges
December 18, 2012, Dothan Eagle

Instagram backtracks after user privacy revolt
December 18, 2012, CNN

New Instagram privacy policy sparks online fury
December 18, 2012, WSFA

Senate takes step toward banning stalking software for cellphones
December 13, 2012,

Ex-lawmaker from Selma sentenced to year in jail for sexual contact with student
December 13, 2012,

Former Rehobeth teacher sentenced for having sex with student
December 12, 2012, Dothan Eagle

FTC’s Second Kids’ App Report Finds Little Progress in Addressing Privacy Concerns Surrounding Mobile Applications for Children
December 10, 2012, Federal Trade Commission

Two Wiregrass men plead guilty to federal child porn charges
December 6, 2012, Dothan Eagle

Teen bank robber brags on YouTube
December 5, 2012, CNN

Facebook scheme lands 2 in jail
November 30, 2012, Andalusia Star News

Ala. man gets 2 years in jail for viral BCS video
November 29, 2012, WSFA

Two men charged with soliciting sex from minors
November 28, 2012, Dothan Eagle

Clayton man faces federal child enticement charge
November 28, 2012, Dothan Eagle

Facebook Enabling HTTPS by Default for North American Users
November 19, 2012, threatpost

Houston County deputies make child porn arrest
November 19, 2012, Dothan Eagle

‘Apostle’ convicted in child sex case
November 5, 2012, Orlando Sentinel

Lake Wales youth minister indicted on child-porn charges
November 1, 2012, Orlando Sentinel

Montgomery man arrested on child sex abuse charge
October 31, 2012, WSFA

Ozark man pleads guilty to child porn
October 31, 2012, Dothan Eagle

Deputies make child molestation arrest
October 30, 2012, Dothan Eagle

A dangerous web
October 27, 2012, Dothan Eagle

$1 million judgment against former Ala. minister
October 26, 2012, WSFA

Ozark man’s bail reduced for child solicitation charges
October 25, 2012, Dothan Eagle

Study: Vast Majority Of Homemade Porn, Private Photos End Up Online
October 23, 2012, CBS DC

Wicksburg student faces terroristic threats charge
October 12, 2012, Dothan Eagle

Bullied Canadian teen leaves behind chilling YouTube video
October 12, 2012, CNN

Eufaula man charged with molesting girl
October 10, 2012, Dothan Eagle

Man gets 20 years for molesting sisters
October 9, 2012, Dothan Eagle

Officials seize 36 albums of child porn during investigation
October 5, 2012, WSFA

Convicted sex offender charged with child solicitation
October 4, 2012, Dothan Eagle

Police charge Georgia man with traveling to meet child for sex act
October 3, 2012, Dothan Eagle

School employee charged with student sex crime
October 2, 2012, WSFA

Facebook raises fears with ad tracking
September 23, 2012, CNN

Facebook agrees to delete European users’ facial recognition data
September 21, 2012, Los Angeles Times

Teen charged with sexually abusing children at Clay daycare
September 4, 2012, WSFA

3 Delaware Daycare Employees Accused Of Encouraging Toddlers To Fight Released
August 20, 2012, CBS Philly

Man arrested for producing child pornography
August 8, 2012, WSFA

Stuffed toy bunny helps uncover alleged international child-porn network
August 4, 2012, Fox News

‘I just can’t help wanting these hot young boys’: Teacher, 44, escapes prison despite ‘boasting about sex with students’
August 3, 2012, MailOnline

New Facebook tool may turn friends into enemies – for the Democratic cause
August 2, 2012, Fox News

Facebook admits millions of accounts are fake
August 2, 2012,

Wetumpka youth minister to be sentenced for sex crimes in Elmore County
July 26, 2012, WSFA

2 More Teens Charged in Videotaped Beating Death
July 16, 2012, NBC Chicago

Wendy’s drive-through worker who sold child porn gets 22 years in prison
July 12, 2012, MSNBC

Son: Iranian dad arrested for my Facebook posts
July 12, 2012, CNN

Facebook predator pleads guilty
July 12, 2012, Andalusia Star News

Lawsuit blames Saban’s daughter for fight
July 12, 2012, WSFA

Ozark bus driver charged with child solicitation
July 12, 2012, WSFA

Discovery Middle School band director, son arrested
July 5, 2012, WSFA

Suspects Broke Into Homes Of Facebook Friends Who Posted Out-Of-Town Information
June 24, 2012, WFMY

Facebook’s new ‘Find Friends Nearby’ feature: Creepy or clever?
June 24, 2012, MSNBC

New La. law: Sex offenders must list status on Facebook, other social media
June 21, 2012, CNN

Acxiom Corp: The ‘faceless organization that knows everything about you’
June 20, 2012, The Week

Florida internet sex sting nets Dothan man
June 20, 2012, Dothan Eagle

Facebook acquires facial recognition startup, may broaden tagging ability
June 18, 2012, Ars Technica

Facebook Wants Your Phone Number
June 15, 2012, Gizmodo

18 rescued in child pornography raids, feds say
June 8, 2012, CNN

YIKES: Airtime Takes Photos Of Every User Who Is Using It
June 5, 2012, Business Insider

Children could soon become Facebook users
June 4, 2012, WSFA

Texas teacher of the year accused of ‘sexting’ with teenage student
June 1, 2012, Fox News

Police Use Facebook To Put End To Gang’s Crime Spree In Crown Heights
May 30, 2012, CBS New York

Business world gets a new way to monitor employee text messages
May 21, 2012, Ars Technica

Daughter ‘Begged’ for Spanking Instead of Mom’s Embarrassing Web Photo
May 21, 2012, ABC News

Prosecutors to appeal 30-day sentence in Rutgers gay bullying case
May 21, 2012, CNN

Montgomery Sheriff’s name used in Internet so-called “scam”
May 16, 2012, WSFA

Man shot in buttock over Facebook dispute
May 4, 2012, WSFA

Facebook Privacy: 5 Most Ignored Mistakes
May 4, 2012, InformationWeek

New charges in global Facebook sextortion case
April 26, 2012, WSFA

Trial date set for accused teacher
April 25, 2012, St. Clair Times

Social media creating issues for school systems
April 24, 2012, Dothan Eagle

Court Bailiff: Detroit Judge Wade McCree Sent a Nearly Nude Photo of Himself to My Cell Phone
April 23, 2012,

“The hidden side of your soul”: How the FBI uses the Web as a child porn honeypot
April 23, 2012, Ars Technica

Rehobeth High teacher placed on leave pending sex charges
April 21, 2012, Dothan Eagle

Missing child case ‘awakened America’
April 20, 2012, CNN

Soldier reprimanded for Facebook death message
April 20, 2012, WSFA

Fake Bieber accused of abusing girl online
April 19, 2012,

McCormick gets 10 years, plans to appeal
April 19, 2012, Andalusia Star News

Classes teach students to avoid cyberbullying
April 18, 2012, The Enterprise Ledger

Facebook debuts “Groups for Schools,” includes 25MB filesharing function
April 12, 2012, Ars Technica

Child Porn Suspect Takes bin Laden’s Spot on FBI List
April 10, 2012, NEWSER

Indiana Man Charged With ‘Sextortion’
April 9, 2012, NEWSER

Thousands of New York sex offenders blocked from online gaming networks
April 5, 2012, Ars Technica

Child-porn suspect hears loving voices of little girls, feds say
April 4, 2012, Orlando Sentinel

Ex-Orange teacher’s plea: I traveled for child sex
April 3, 2012, Orlando Sentinel

Montgomery man arrested in Facebook sextortion plot
March 29, 2012, WSFA

Flawed sign-in services from Google and Facebook imperil user accounts
March 25, 2012, Ars Technica

University professor helps FBI crack $70 million cybercrime ring
March 21, 2012, MSNBC

TROY earns Laureate honors for internet safety program
March 19, 2012, Troy University

Girl’s grandmother finds text messages about sexual assault
March 19, 2012, WSFA

Broward Facebook suspect won’t ‘like’ this
March 9, 2012, South Florida Sun-Sentinel

Facebook ‘friend’ offer exposes man’s other wife
March 9, 2012, Fox News

Teen girls ask the Internet, ‘Am I ugly?’
February 24, 2012, TODAYMoms

Deleted by your friends? That’s life on Facebook now
February 24, 2012, MSNBC

California teacher pleads not guilty in student ‘bondage’ case
February 21, 2012, CNN

Google tricks Internet Explorer into accepting tracking cookies, Microsoft claims
February 20, 2012, Ars Technica

New bill would require sex offenders to register Facebook profiles
February 20, 2012, WSFA

Auburn man indicted on federal child pornography charges
February 17, 2012, WSFA

Combating social media bullying in Alabama
January 31, 2012, Alabama’s 13


Rowdy Christmas Day crowd forces early closing of east Birmingham’s Edge 12 Movie Theater
December 27, 2011,

Social media reputation could crush college dreams
December 22, 2011, WTSP

Facebook Image of Girl Bound With Duct Tape Leads to Joint Investigation in Chicago
December 20, 2011, Fox News

House updates 1988 privacy law to allow online sharing of Netflix choices
December 7, 2011, Ars Technica

Mom searching for runaway daughter
December 6, 2011, Andalusia Star News

Facebook flaw allows access to private photos
December 6, 2011, ZDNet

Georgia D.A.’s dad charged with enticing a child
December 5, 2011,

FBI: Pediatrician charged with child porn possession
December 1, 2011, WSFA

Man gets 27 years on Internet child-porn conviction
December 1, 2011, Orlando Sentinel

Lawmakers want spy agencies to share cyber data
November 30, 2011, Reuters

Cyber-crime Victims Often Provide Access Unwittingly: Report
November 30, 2011, Channel Insider

FBI issues cyber heist warning
November 30, 2011, TG Daily

Facebook Agrees to F.T.C. Settlement on Privacy
November 29, 2011, The New York Times

Utah professor says he’s innocent of child porn charges
November 28, 2011, CNN

Ohio investigators probe shootings possibly tied to Craigslist ad
November 26, 2011, CNN

California Youth Counselor Pleads Guilty to Producing Child Pornography
November 23, 2011, D.O.J.

FBI agent: Sanford man charged in child-porn case victimized several children
November 22, 2011, Orlando Sentinel

Indiana Man Sentenced to 315 Years in Prison for Producing and Trafficking Child Pornography
November 22, 2011, D.O.J.

Prison Facebook Use Leads To Further Victimization
November 21, 2011, Huffington Post

Emmy-winning ‘Sesame Street’ composer charged for child porn
November 21, 2011, WSFA

Lead Administrator of Online Child Pornography Bulletin Board Pleads Guilty in Maryland to Child Pornography Conspiracy Charge
November 17, 2011, D.O.J.

Dwight Howard joins FBI in child-safety initiative
November 15, 2011, Orlando Sentinel

Divorcing Couple Told to Swap Facebook Passwords
November 10, 2011, newser

Manhattan U.S. Attorney Charges Seven Individuals for Engineering Sophisticated Internet Fraud Scheme That Infected Millions of Computers Worldwide…
November 10, 2011,

Foxy female con artist busted by Facebook sting
November 9, 2011, WTSP News

Bullying Victims Suffer Long-Term Depression
November 8, 2011, Family Practice News

European Information Security Agency Warns About Data-profiling Risks to Minors
November 8, 2011, PC World

Cyber weaknesses should deter US from waging war
November 8, 2011,

Sandusky abuse claims date back to 1994, grand jury says
November 8, 2011, CNN

Sex trafficking: Orlando man enslaved girl into prostitution, feds say
November 4, 2011, Orlando Sentinel

Man Indicted in Pittsburgh for Possession of Child Pornography
November 4, 2011, US DOJ

Florida Man Sentenced to 90 Years in Prison for Production of Child Pornography
November 4, 2011, US DOJ

Surge in cyber crime prompts action
November 3, 2011,

Would police use malware to catch cyber-criminals?
November 3, 2011, BBC News

Coventry University’s ethical hacking lab joins battle against cyber crime
November 3, 2011, Birmingham Post

Computer related crimes on the rise
October 31, 2011, St. Clair Times

Interactive video turns Facebook fears into 2 minutes of horror
October 27, 2011, CNN

Apps let you rent out your home – and yourself
October 26, 2011, CNN

Students investigated in sexting case
October 25, 2011, WWMT

Anonymous takes down darknet child porn site on Tor network
October 24, 2011, Ars Technica

Sexting illegal for kids in Texas
October 24, 2011, Effingham Daily News

Former Boyertown coach pleads guilty to sexting charge
October 22, 2011, The Mercury

Michigan Attorney General hosts cyber safety program for students at Grand Blanc’s City School
October 21, 2011,

Two years in prison for sexting teacher
October 21, 2011,

How to find out everything that Facebook *really* knows about you
October 20, 2011, Naked Security

‘Son of Stuxnet’ virus could be used to attack critical computers worldwide
October 18, 2011, MSNBC

Sexting tops survey for most annoying new tech-related word
October 18, 2011, Computeractive

Talk to Kids To Keep Them Safe On The Internet
October 18, 2011, NewCityPatch

Kansas City bishop indicted on child endangerment charge
October 15, 2011, CNN

Software Keeps Sensitive Data Confined in Physical Space
October 14, 2011, MarketWatch

Accused celebrity hacker: ‘I deeply apologize… it eats at me’
October 13, 2011, CNN

Dothan man faces federal child porn charges
October 13, 2011, Dothan Eagle

Tarrant County jury sends sexual predator back to prison
October 12, 2011, Star-Telegram

Man facing sexting, sexual assault trial
October 10, 2011,

Man Assaults Wife for Not “Liking” His Facebook Update
October 10, 2011, Mashable

‘Sexting’ woman rearrested for sex assault
October 10, 2011, Colorado Connection

Police arrest man for child pornography after tipoff from burglars
October 7, 2011, CNN

Grown man hunts down and attacks child who kills him in Call of Duty game
October 7, 2011, Wownews

NEISD: Case of cyberbullying leads to distribution of child porn
October 7, 2011, KENS 5

Washington man sentenced for traveling from Seattle to Tampa to have sex with child
October 7, 2011, US ICE

Man Charged With Sexting Teenage Girl
October 6, 2011, WHNT-TV

Prosecutor hesitant about felony charges for ‘sexting’
October 4, 2011, NewsOK

Expert warns of Facebook risks for students
October 3, 2011, The Bulletin

Florida eases penalties for teens who send sexual photos
October 1, 2011, Los Angeles Times

Kelly K. Miller, Aurora High School Teacher, Charged With Sexting Student
September 29, 2011, The Huffington Post

‘I thought it was my sister’: Woman loses $2,000 to Facebook scam
September 28, 2011, MSNBC

Cyberbullying, Sexting Widespread, MTV/AP Survey Reveals
September 27, 2011, MTV

Mom to bury bullied son in Lady Gaga lyric shirt
September 22, 2011, CBS News

Prattville Pastor arrested on child porn charges
September 21, 2011, WSFA

Cyber-criminals are attacking our personal computers
September 21, 2011, WRBL

Woman World of Warcraft gamer, 35, jailed for having sex in parking lot with 15-year-old player she met online
September 17, 2011, Mail Online

Texas officials nab Elmore County fugitive
September 15, 2011, Montgomery Advertiser

Police arrest two child sexual predators
September 15, 2011,

Prosecutor: Suspect in Australian bomb scare drops extradition fight
September 14, 2011, CNN

Parkway Central Student Reportedly Faces Facebook Fate
September 14, 2011, CreveCoeurPatch

LI Mom Who Let Daughter Fight Says She Was Victim Of Cyber-Bullying
September 14, 2011, WPIX

Reading ‘troll’ jailed for cyber bullying
September 14, 2011, Reading Post

Utica man accused of cyber-bullying Clinton cop
September 9, 2011, Daily Tribune

Six Individuals Indicted for Tax Fraud and Identity Theft Schemes in Alabama
September 7, 2011, US Department of Justice

Cyber-Bullying in the Workplace: Technological Bully Attacks
September 7, 2011, Bully Free at Work

Police act as teen girl posts lewd images for schoolmates
September 3, 2011, Adelaide Now

Julianne Hough’s racy cellphone pics leaked by hackers
September 1, 2011, OTRC

Man accused of sending obscene Facebook photos to teenage girl
August 30, 2011, Tuscaloosa News

Ala. AG wants proof website is fighting human trafficking
August 31, 2011, WSFA

Cyberbullying reported in Macon County
August 30, 2011,

Authorities may pursue death penalty in Missouri girl’s slaying
August 30, 2011, CNN

Conference focuses on cyber security
August 30, 2011, Montgomery Advertiser

Macon Co. parents outraged over alleged Facebook death threat
August 29, 2011, WSFA

Three Alabama Men Indicted For Sex Crimes Involving Young Girls
August 24, 2011,

Loudon teen arrested on child sexual exploitation charge
August 19, 2011, WATE

Slap Out man arrested for child porn and castration photos
August 15, 2011, WSFA

Fraudster used Facebook to hack bank accounts
August 14, 2011, The Telegraph

DOJ: Huntsville man involved in international child porn ring
August 3, 2011, WSFA

New Missouri Law Bans ‘Exclusive’ Online Contact Between Teachers, Students
August 2, 2011, Fox News

New teacher-student sex charge actively used across Alabama
July 30, 2011, Dothan Eagle

Desert Inn manager Dennis Devlin sentenced to 15 years on child-porn charges
July 29, 2011, Orlando Sentinel

Facebook Glitch Revealed Thumbnails & Descriptions Of Friends’ Private Videos
July 24, 2011, TechCrunch

Dothan man arrested for raping victim at knifepoint in Enterprise
July 21, 2011, WSFA

Belleville Man Sentenced for Possession of Child Pornography
July 20, 2011, FBI

Ex-pastor sentenced in Alabama child porn case
July 20, 2011, WSFA

‘Anonymous’ suspect in Alabama among 14 arrested by FBI in PayPal cyber attack
July 19, 2011,

Expert witnesses link camera to child porn found on defendant Nathan Railey’s laptop
July 16, 2011,

Tornado cleanup worker from Maryland charged with raping teen in Guntersville
July 14, 2011,

12-year-old gets probation for Facebook cyberstalking
July 13, 2011, Digital Life

Wi-Fi-hacking neighbor sentenced to 18 years
July 13, 2011, CNN

Police: Man poses on Facebook as Virginia college coed, contacts teenage boys for porn and sex
July 11, 2011, WTVR

The Simplest Security: A Guide To Better Password Practices
July 5, 2011, Symantec

McKenzie man among 25 arrested in Fla. child sex sting
June 28, 2011, WSFA

Georgia truck driver sentenced 10 years on child exploitation charges
May 6, 2011,

Alabama sex trafficking victim leads to arrest of Atlanta drag performer
March 29, 2011,

Facebook booting ‘20,000’ underage users per day
March 23, 2011, CNN

New privacy concerns for Facebook over phone numbers, addresses
January 17, 2011, Ars Technica

Cops: Teen girl killed on Facebook-arranged date
January 17, 2011, MSNBC

Mom accused of playing on Facebook while baby died
January 14, 2011, MSNBC

Are We Too Obsessed With Facebook? [INFOGRAPHIC]
January 13, 2011,

Facebook Unveils Amber Alert Notification System
January 12, 2011, Fox News

Cops: Woman raped boy, 13, she met online
January 7, 2011, MSNBC


Teen faces felony charges for cyber bullying
December 21, 2010, WSFA

Cyber bullying pushes many teens over the edge
November 16, 2010, WSFA

New Facebook privacy tip: ‘Super-logoff’
November 15, 2010, CNN title defending pedophilia sparks boycott call
November 11, 2010, CNN

Software lets parents track text messaging
November 11, 2010, WSFA

Facebook, Twitter fail latest security assessment
November 5, 2010, SC Magazine

Stop Bullying: Speak Up
October 7, 2010, CNN Special Coverage

How a cell phone picture led to girl’s suicide
October 7, 2010, CNN

FBI Charges Dozens in Global Computer Virus Scam
September 30, 2010, Fox News

Student’s apparent suicide linked to webcast of sexual encounter
September 30, 2010, CNN

Pedophiles Find a Home for Social Networking — on Facebook
September 28, 2010, Fox News

Sheriff busts breast-baring teens, photo taker
August 4, 2010

Chatroulette collecting IP addresses, screenshots
July 27, 2010, iTnews

Vengeful online sex ads take growing toll
July 27, 2010, MSNBC

Chatroulette tries to ditch the flashers
July 26, 2010, CNN

12-year-old girl reports sexual assault via Facebook
July 16, 2010

Is Cyberstalking Becoming a Serious Threat?
June 29, 2010, Fox News

Schools adopting bullying rule after suicide
May 28, 2010

9 teens arrested in Phoebe Prince cyberbullying case
March 29, 2010, The Inquisitr

Shoals teen facing sexting-related charges
January 15, 2010


Teens’ ‘sexting’ infiltrating state schools
June 15, 2009

Video: Teens are sexting in Alabama
October 7, 2009

Sexting can label your teen a sex offender
April 13, 2009

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