How to keep your online data protected

Greg Price recently submitted an article to the Troy Messenger, How to keep your online data protected, to share important safety information during National Cyber Security Awareness Month:

Statistically, most cyber security issues originate from end-user activity. In fact, nearly seventy-five percent of all reviewed security breaches began as the result of end-user action.

The statistics do not surprise most security practitioners. After all, currently, end-users are the dominant consumer of electronic resources – people deploy, configure and use the devices. The machines aren’t running everything, yet.

We end-users make mistakes. Those statistics include IT professionals and everyday users. Often IT professionals lack adequate skills and training. Perhaps they exhibited some talent or aptitude and became the “go-to computer person”. Clever use of modern technology is no substitute for proper training. Nearly one-third of all security breaches were the result of poor IT configuration and management, according to an annual IBM cyber security study. Have confidence in your IT resources. If a search engine is your technician’s preferred tool, perhaps looking elsewhere is appropriate.

WSFA: Keeping Your Kids Safe From Online Danger (Video)

WSFA recently aired a segment that highlighted the ACFI and our Cyberkids Protection Initiative. Please visit the following link to view the segment online:

WSFA: A look at the Cyberkids protection initiative that will help keep children safe from online danger

ACFI Recognized as a 2012 Honors Laureate Award Recipient by Computerworld

The Alabama Computer Forensics Institute was recognized for its Cyberkids Initiative as a 2012 Honors Laureate Award recipient by Computerworld.

Complete details are available in the Troy University press release:

TROY earns Laureate honors for internet safety program (March 19, 2012, Troy University)


2012 Laureate of The Computerworld Honors Program

The Alabama Computer Forensics Institute gained national recognition as a 2012 Laureate of The Computerworld Honors Program award recipient. More information can be found in Troy University’s Press Release.

Through its Alabama Computer Forensics Institute and Laboratory, the University’s Office of Information Technology received the award for its Cyberkids Initiative, which to date has presented an online safety program to more than 190,000 children statewide since its inception in 2006.

“It was certainly an unexpected surprise to be awarded the Laureate,” said Greg Price, TROY’s Chief Information Officer, who has more than 15 years of experience in internet security and cybercrime investigations. “The international award is considered one of the most prestigious awards among IT professionals and the recipients of years past include some of the most storied names in academia and humanitarian efforts.”

Founded by the International Data Group (IDG) in 1988, the Computerworld Honors Program is governed by the not-for-profit Computerworld Information Technology Awards Foundation, and is the longest-running global program to honor individuals and organizations that use information technology to promote positive social, economic and educational change.

TROY earns Laureate honors for internet safety program (March 19, 2012)