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Alabama Computer Forensics Institute & Training Program

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The Alabama Computer Forensics Institute and Training Program was established in 2008 with a grant from the United States Department of Justice. Since its establishment, it has provided digital forensics services to attorneys, businesses, government agencies, law enforcement, and individuals. The main goals of the program are to help state and local law enforcement personnel develop adequate skills for the handling of electronic devices, promote awareness of computer crime and provide research and lab services for electronic analysis. With the implementation of the 2008 grant, The Alabama Computer Forensics Institute and Training Program will now increase its range of services to law enforcement agencies across Alabama.

Key Points:

  1. Computer Forensics Training Programs for state law enforcement community
  2. Computer Forensics/Digital Evidence Examination Laboratory, available to assist Alabama law enforcement and prosecutors
  3. Specialize in Internet Crimes Against Children
  4. Worked over 80 cases with local, state, Federal/Military constituents since January 2008
  5. Presented Cyberkids Programs with AG’s office to 72 venues across Alabama since 2007
  6. 2009 SC Award Finalist for Top IT Security Team in U.S.
  7. Processed over 300 unique digital evidence items since January 2009
  8. 2 patent-pending solutions for Computer Forensics Analysis Reporting
  9. Maintain www.whoswatchingalabama.org

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ACFI Magazine – Annual Report



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