Reboot your SOHO devices now

Greg Price recently submitted an article to the Troy Messenger, Reboot your SOHO devices now:

First, what in the world are SOHO devices? Are they artisanal electronics fashioned in lower Manhattan by engineering artists? No. SOHO is an abbreviation for Small Office Home Office. The acronym is used to describe consumer electronics. In essence, SOHO devices are products that most consumers purchase from common electronics stores – think BestBuy, WalMart. The devices could be present in your home or small businesses. Also, some service providers will use SOHO devices for their customers.

The bulletin stated that hundreds of thousands of SOHO devices were compromised by foreign actors. Specifically, indications suggest that a group known as Fancy Bear may have been the originators of the attack. The hacking group is frequently associated with Russia, some suggest that the group is affiliated with the Russian government.

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