Related News: Photographer warns of fake photo shoot targeting teen girls

One new article link has been added to our Related News page. WSFA published an article titled Photographer warns of fake photo shoot targeting teen girls.

An industry professional in the picture-taking business wants everyone who uses Facebook to be aware that an unknown person is trying to lure young ladies with a pitch that he will pay them to do a photo shoot.

But according to well-known Columbus photographer, John Pyle, all signs point to this being a completely fake enterprise.

Pyle has a studio on Broadway and he does a lot of shoots for high school seniors.

It recently came to his attention that someone using the name Rhonda Howard has been active on Facebook trying to convince young girls to agree to have their picture taken with promises of money.

Usually, money changes hands in the other direction.

But what concerns Pyle the most is that this person is using him as a reference, yet he’s never heard of them before.

Source: WSFA

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