Related News: DARPA funded studies to see how you use social networks

One new article link has been added to our Related News page. Engadget published an article titled DARPA funded studies to see how you use social networks.

DARPA’s been spending its money on many, many things other than robots and exoskeletons — including several experiments that seek to determine how we use social media. Apparently, Pentagon’s most adventurous division has quite a number of studies under its Social Media in Strategic Communication (SMISC) program since it was announced in 2011. And thanks to The Guardian (which spotted the details SMISC quietly posted on its website), we now know the projects the agency’s been working on… and they involve not only Facebook, but also Twitter, Reddit, Pinterest, Kickstarter and even Digg. According to the researchers involved, they used only data available to the public, and it doesn’t look like they violated any law. But just like Facebook’s mood experiment, some of these studies might make people a tad uncomfortable.

Source: Engadget

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