Related News: Human trafficker sentenced to 50 years

One new article link has been added to our Related News page. The Dothan Eagle published an article titled Human trafficker sentenced to 50 years.

A Houston County judge sentenced a Tennessee man to 50 years in prison for involving a teenage girl in human trafficking and giving her illegal drugs.

Circuit Court Judge Butch Binford sentenced 28-year-old Santiago Alonso to serve 40 years in prison for the felony first-degree human trafficking charge and an additional 10 years for the felony distribution of drugs to a minor charge. He ordered both charges to be served consecutively with each other. Binford also sentenced Alonso to 12 months in the county jail for a misdemeanor marijuana possession charge. But Binford ordered that sentence to be served concurrently with the 50-year sentence.

Source: Dothan Eagle

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