Related News: WSFA 12 special report: Student-teacher relationships

One new article link has been added to our Related News page. WSFA published an article titled WSFA 12 special report: Student-teacher relationships.

Approximately 431 teachers were arrested in the southeast from 2007 to 2011 for sexual misconduct according to a study in the “Journal of Childhood Sexual Abuse”.

Here in Alabama, nearly 70 teachers have been accused of inappropriate actions with a student in the last two years with more than half of those in the last ten months.

Last month, a Selma teacher, LaTangela Wiliams, pleaded guilty to having sex with students. Anthony Ray Staten Jr., a substitute teacher at Alabama Christian Academy, was charged with having sexual contact with a student. Then a Southlawn Middle School teacher was charged with indecent exposure.

The most recent case came Friday when police charged a north Alabama soccer coach, David Jacobs Barrow, with sexual abuse and Human Trafficking.

Source: WSFA

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