Related News: Sex with dog, 9-year-old boy among 15 charges against Mulga man

One new article link has been added to our Related News page. published an article titled Sex with dog, 9-year-old boy among 15 charges against Mulga man.

ABI’s Cyber Crime Unit on Nov. 20 carried out a search warrant at Blackwell’s Parsons Road home, according to Alabama state trooper spokesman Sgt. Steve Jarrett. He declined to elaborate on the accusations against Blackwell, saying only the crimes involve child exploitation and child abuse.

According to court records, ABI agents interviewed Blackwell during the raid. Asked if he ever had been sexually active with a child, he said, he “had done a little” with a 9-year-old boy and found it sexually arousing.

Blackwell, however, said he and the boy have had sexual encounters multiple times over the past year. He indicated it was consensual. He said he “never liked kids” but the victim grew on him and he “loves him to death.” Blackwell told investigators he feels the boy loves him as much.


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