Related News: Facebook Enabling HTTPS by Default for North American Users

One new article link has been added to our Related News page. Threatpost published an article titled Facebook Enabling HTTPS by Default for North American Users.

Facebook this week will begin turning on secure browsing be default for its millions of users in North America. The change will make HTTPS the default connection option for all Facebook sessions for those users, a shift that gives them a good baseline level of security and will help prevent some common attacks.

Facebook users have had the option of turning on HTTPS since early 2011 when the company reacted to attention surrounding the Firesheep attacks. However, the technology was not enabled by default and users have had to in and manually make the change in order to get the better protection of HTTPS.

Now, users will have to manually turn HTTPS off if they don’t want it, a distinction that is a major change, especially for Facebook’s massive user base, which has become a major target for attackers.

Source: threatpost

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