What’s the deal with net neutrality?

Greg Price recently submitted an article to the Troy Messenger, What’s the deal with net neutrality?:

In 2015, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) approved a series of regulations that provided guidance to the way internet service providers (ISP’s) could treat all online traffic. The intent of the of the net neutrality regulations was simple: keep the internet fair and open.

The rules were designed to foster a neutral playing field for all internet content, identifying the internet service provider as the key component in the effort. The ISP’s were instructed to treat all online content in the exact same manner. The ISP’s could not intentionally speed up or slow down traffic to and from specific websites, applications, and, they could not position their own content in a more advantageous manner.

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Keep those webcams covered

Greg Price recently submitted an article to the Troy Messenger, Keep those webcams covered:

I attended an event recently and carried my laptop, which is sadly, very common. I brought the laptop for several reasons, but primarily to keep a work effort moving forward while I traveled. As I ate lunch in a large food court, a young man who sat near me approached. He pointed at the laptop and began a series of questions about the device, most of which seemed rather straightforward and obvious. In fact, he seemed to be winding up to something more pointed. And he was.

He pointed at the top of my laptop screen and simply asked, “And that – what is that?”

His curiosity and gaze were directed to a simple piece of vinyl electrical tape. The one-inch square is positioned over the lens of my laptop’s webcam.

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Reboot your SOHO devices now

Greg Price recently submitted an article to the Troy Messenger, Reboot your SOHO devices now:

First, what in the world are SOHO devices? Are they artisanal electronics fashioned in lower Manhattan by engineering artists? No. SOHO is an abbreviation for Small Office Home Office. The acronym is used to describe consumer electronics. In essence, SOHO devices are products that most consumers purchase from common electronics stores – think BestBuy, WalMart. The devices could be present in your home or small businesses. Also, some service providers will use SOHO devices for their customers.

The bulletin stated that hundreds of thousands of SOHO devices were compromised by foreign actors. Specifically, indications suggest that a group known as Fancy Bear may have been the originators of the attack. The hacking group is frequently associated with Russia, some suggest that the group is affiliated with the Russian government.

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Shhhhhh, she’s listening

Greg Price recently submitted an article to the Troy Messenger, Shhhhhh, she’s listening:

There are many questions about artificial intelligence. Among the questions are various approaches to assessing whether a manmade device is able to reveal intelligent behavior, the Turing Test is a popular approach. Software, well-designed and properly-scripted, can mimic human responses rather easily nowadays. In fact, the notion of impersonating a human via software is so common that we are often unaware that we interact with “smart devices” daily. From where does this artificial intelligence arise? Does the program, the device need to be self-aware, or, does it simply have to be so well-designed that it fools most humans? Do we need another test?

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Related News: City worker jailed for fake porn posts of colleague

One new article link has been added to our Related News page. BBC News published an article titled City worker jailed for fake porn posts of colleague:

A City worker who posted fake photos of his colleague on porn websites after she refused to give him her number has been jailed.

Davide Buccheri, 25, made a gallery between 2016 and 2017 while working at the investment management firm M&G.

Buccheri then told the woman’s bosses about the photos to discredit her.

Source: BBC News

Related News: Student charged after threatening video posted to social media

One new article link has been added to our Related News page. WSFA published an article titled Student charged after threatening video posted to social media:

According to Department of Public Safety spokesperson Martha Earnhardt, the female student was taken into custody Wednesday evening after a threatening video was posted to Facebook.

Source: WSFA

You are what keeps me up at night

Greg Price recently submitted an article to the Troy Messenger, You are what keeps me up at night:

Exploiting the human during a cyberattack is common. In fact, statistically, over seventy percent of the reported attacks in 2017, occurred due to human error. Approximately half of those successful attacks exploited the day-to-day end-user, the remainder were errors by the IT employees.

Attacking the human is successful, in part, because of human nature. Targeting the good nature, curiosity, and, eagerness of a person is simple. We want to help, we want to engage with technology.

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